2014 Festival Shows

Steve Boleantu


  Written by: Steve Boleantu 5:00 & 6:00 (15 minutes) Speedy Queen Laundry

He never performs the same trick twice… the same way. Decide if what you see is awful magic, or magical hilarity. But still, don’t hire this magician for a birthday party.

Leo Rysing Photography copy


  2:00 - 8:00 Happy Time www.thedrift.ca

This year Heather brings new work: “Always a Bridesmaid” – seven images of the ubiquitous and forgotten bridesmaid dress in unlikely environments. These are available in 5 x 7 inch framed photo transfers and in large format canvas (16 x 24).

Amelie et les singes bleus

Amélie & Les Singes Bleus

  2:00 & 3:15 (25 minutes) Dufferin Amphitheatre www.alsb.ca

Amélie & Les Singes Bleus is a band that is full of surprises. Whether turning Edith Piaf’s Johnny into a smokey, hip-hop influenced confession, or transforming Jacques Brel’s Les Singes into a frenetic, megaphone-amplified warning, ALSB has created a modern and unique sound that is built with the musical cobblestones of the past. They have been bringing their charm and…   more.

Animated SelfPortraits

Animated Self Portraits

  A Film by Madi Piller 3:30 (10 minutes) The Rhino Restaurant & Bar (Downstairs) www.madipiller.com

Featuring 83 different artists as curated and compiled by Madi Piller, this film is a stunning array of different techniques from a range of skilled animators. Featured at the Screening Under the Stars for the Parkdale Film & Video Showcase 15, we’re pleased to screen it once more for Lab Cab.

Asiansploitation LOGO 2-1


  Written and Performed by Asiansploitation 3:00 (25 minutes) Unit 102 Theatre www.asiansploitation.com

It’s Sketch-Comedy and Improv time with Asiansploitation Toronto’s award-winning and most beloved All-Asian Comedy Troupe. We`ll bring you a sample of our favourite sketches from our latest May 2014 hit show, “Oh My Godzilla” along with some newly Improvised material using suggestions from the audience. Our sketches are 3-4 minute scenes with anywhere from 2 to 4 actors in each…   more.

Blue Ceiling Dance


  Choreographed & Performed by Lucy Rupert
with thanks to Forcier Stage Works, Dance Ontario and Flux Dance Festival for their support
5:30 (15 minutes) Parkdales Pete's Corner Grill www.blueceilingdance.com

A dance exploration about explorers. Conceived in response to reading John Geiger’s “The Third Man Factor”, this solo has been exploring an array of unusual and theatrical settings for performance, with a changing landscape of music at each turn.

Birds of Bellwoods

Birds of Bellwoods

  Mandolin & Lead Vocals: Stephen Joffe
Guitar & Vocals: Adrian Morningstar
Upright Bass & Vocals: Kintaro Akiyama
Banjo & Vocals: Chris Blades
6:30 & 7:30 (25 minutes) Food & Liquor www.birdsofbellwoods.com

Toronto-based Folk/Canadiana band Birds of Bellwoods is a natural sound with an urban heart. Known for rustic melodies and charming lyricism, they are Stevie Joffe (Mandolin/Lead Vocals), Adrian Morningstar (Guitar/Vocals), Kintaro Akiyama (Upright Bass/Vocals), and Chris Blades (Banjo/Vocals). The group has packed venues throughout Toronto including Soho House, The Mod Club, The Horseshoe Tavern, and are currently maintaining two residencies…   more.



  Facilitated by Newton Moraes 6:00 - 7:00 Hideaway Antiques (Front Patio)

This workshop focusing into different aspects of Brazilian dance and culture, from Batuque, Candomble, Samba and other African-Brazilian rhythms and movements, from joy, sorrow, trance with superb live percussionist Walter Maclean who is Newton’s collaborator for more them 10 years. Newton Moraes has more them 20 years experience as a dance teacher and has taught in Brazil, Cuba, Colombia, Germany…   more.

Lisa Marie Meschino


  Paintings by: Lisa Marie Meschino 2:00 - 8:00 Food & Liquor www.artistamundo.com/LisaM

The works in Breaking Pattern use a combination of painting, drawing, and collage techniques to expose the vulnerability of the female body. Shaped from quick gesture or contour sketches, these paintings abstract from the geometry of the preliminary sketches and symbolize a more interior, psychological landscape. Traditionally a symbol of beauty, sexual desire, fecundity, and sometimes danger, the female body…   more.

Caesar the Bum

Caesar The Bum

  Written & Performed by: Oliver Georgiou 5:45 (20 minutes) The Sister olivergeorgiou.workbooklive.com

Oliver Georgiou is an actor, improviser, and comedian in Toronto. Caesar, as only his friends call him, is looking for friends the only way he knows how, which is to make you a non-alcoholic caesar and share stories about his other favourite friends. Would you like to call him Caesar? Caesar’s story is a hybrid of many different stories, some…   more.

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